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Carita Wallgren-Lindholm

Member of the Finnish Bar (Finnish asianajaja, Swedish advokat)

Nationality: Finnish

Languages: Swedish (native tongue), Finnish, English, French, (Spanish)


  • Lindholm Wallgren, Attorneys Ltd., Founding Partner (2008-), International Arbitrator

  • Roschier, Attorneys Ltd., Partner (1989-2008), Associate Lawyer (1984-1989)

  • Trained at the Bench (1983)S.G Archibald, Paris (1981-1982), Associate Lawyer

  • Surrey & Morse (now Jones Day), Paris, Trainee (1980)

  • Department of Comparative Law of the University of Helsinki, Research Assistant (1979)

Current Practice

Since 2012 Carita Wallgren-Lindholm only acts as an arbitrator in commercial and investment disputes. trained mediator.She is also aCarita has been involved in more than 120 international arbitrations, institutional and ad hoc, mainly as arbitrator and mostly as chair. Institutions and rules include SCC, ICC, FAI, LCIA, JCAA, DIA, PCA, ICSID, UNCITRAL and NAFTA, and seats Austria, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Japan, the Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, the UK and Washington DC.

Carita commenced her legal practice in international arbitration in Paris in 1980 and received her first arbitral appointments in the early nineties. Carita was the Chair of the ICC Commission on Arbitration and ADR 2018-2021. She has been a member of the ICC International Court of Arbitration (2012-2018). As from February 2019 she serves on the ICSID Panel of Arbitrators having been on its Panel of Conciliators during 2007-2018. Since December 2015 Carita is an advisor to the Atlanta Center for Arbitration and Mediation (ACIAM) at Georgia State University, USA. She is a member of the Editorial Board of Global Arbitration Review (GAR) since its foundation.Carita Wallgren-Lindholm is inter alia ranked as a leading individual in Chambers Europe and Global (Most in Demand Arbitrators) and recognized by Who’s Who Legal as one of the Thought Leaders in Arbitration.

Other Practice Experice

Carita Wallgren-Lindholm has during her 35 years as an attorney maintained a broad practice range in addition to dispute resolution and has extensive experience inter alia in the following areas:

Corporate Advisory

  • Advising boards and senior management of major companies


  • Advising the target company board or the bidder in public takeovers

  • Acting as lead counsel in complex multijurisdictional transactions

Projects and delivery contracts

  • Advising on major project and delivery contracts

Other Professional and Civic Engagements

Chair of the ICC Commission on Arbitration and ADR (2018-2021), Vice-Chair (2011-2017) and Member (1996- 2018)

Member of the ICC International Court of Arbitration (2012-2018)

Member of the Council of the ICC Institute of World Business Law (2018-2021)

Member of the ADR Working Group of the ICC (1996)

Member of the Board of ICC Finland (2008-2014); member of the ICC Advisory Board in Finland (2015-2016)

Advisor to the Atlanta Center for Arbitration and Mediation (ACIAM) at Georgia State University (2015-2019) and ACIAM’s Arbitrators’ Council

Appointed by the Government of the Republic of Finland to serve on the Panel of Arbitrators maintained by the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) (31 January 2019-); member of its Panel of Conciliators (2007-2018)

Member of the JCAA panel of arbitrators (2020-), Special Advisor (2022-)

Member of the Panel of Arbitrators of BVI’s International Arbitration Centre (2016-)

Listed as Potential Arbitrator of JAC (2014-)

Member of the SHAC panel of arbitrators (2022-)

Member of the SCIA panel of arbitrators (2022-)

Member of the Editorial Board of Global Arbitration Review (GAR) (2007-)

Member of the ILA International Committee on International Commercial Arbitration (2008-)

Member of the Directors’ Institute of Finland (2004–)

Board member of the Finnish Arbitration Association (1996-2012)

Member of the Executive Committee of the Swedish Arbitration Association (2007-2011)

Member of the Board of Arbitration of the Central Chamber of Commerce of Finland (now FAI) (1996-2001)

Member of the Board of the Finnish Bar Association (2001-2004)

Chair of the Mediation Committee of the Finnish Bar Association (2002-2004)

Member of the Finnish delegation to the CCBE, the Council of Bars and Law Societies of Europe (2001-2007)

Board member of Lex Mundi, the World’s largest Association of Independent Law Firms (1996-2000)

Member of the Legislative Committee appointed by the Ministry of Justice for the revision of the Finnish Contracts Act (1987-1990)

Member of the Board of Hanasaari - the Swedish-Finnish Cultural Centre (2010-2018)

Member of the Delegation of the Ibero-American Foundation of Finland (2012-); member of the Board (2007-2010)

Member of the Delegation of Nylands Brigads Gille (2018-)

Other organizational activities have included serving on the Boards of companies and non-profit organizations as well as mentoring.


  • University of Helsinki, LL.M. (1979)

  • Undergraduate studies in political science in the USA (1973-74) and at the University of Helsinki (exams in Roman and English philology; political science) (1972-73, 1974-78)

  • Trained at the Bench (1983) (Finnish varatuomari, Swedish vicehäradshövding)



“On Letters of Intent” (Published in Swedish: “Letters of Intent-Avsiktsdeklarationer, principöverenskommelser och andra preliminärdokument i internationella avtalsförhandlingar och avtalsslut”), University of Helsinki, Department of Comparative Law 1983. In addition to a comparative study of national laws (Nordic, France, Germany, UK, USA), the book deals with the resolution of related disputes in mediation or arbitration.


“The choice of Applicable Law in an International Arbitration Localized to Finland (Published in Swedish: ”Om valet av tillämplig materiell rätt i ett till Finland lokaliserat internationellt skiljemannaförfarande”), Tidskrift utgiven av Juridiska Föreningen i Finland (JFT), 1984.

“Corporate governance in Finland, Global Corporate Governance Guide 2004 (co-author Micaela Thorström).

A chapter on ICSID arbitration in the book “Conflict Management – the New World of Dispute Resolution” (Published in Finnish: “Conflict Management - Riidanratkaisun uusi maailma”), University of Helsinki, Conflict Management Institute (COMI) 2005 (co-author Sami Pauni).

A chapter on ADR and Business, “ADR in Business”, Wolters Kluwer (editors Jean-Claude Goldsmith, Gerald H. Pointon, Arnaud Ingen-Housz), Netherlands 2006.

“To what extent should corporate social responsibility be regulated”, Guide to the Corporate Responsible Agenda by ICC UK 2006 (co-author Tommy Holmström).

“Dispute management is also a Board matter” (Published in Finnish: “Riitojen hallinnointi kuuluu myös hallitukselle”), Board News’ issue No. 4/2009, Hallitusammattilaiset ry (Directors’ Institute of Finland)).

A chapter “Bringing Arbitration Closer to Company Management and Boards: Can Arbitral Institutions Further This Aspiration?” in the book “Between East and West: Essays in Honour of Ulf Franke”, JurisNet LLC (editors Kaj Hobér, Annette Magnusson, Marie Öhrström), USA 2010.

“Predictability of Proceedings in International Commercial Arbitration – And is there a Nordic Way?”, Festschrift to Gustaf Möller, Tidskrift utgiven av Juridiska Föreningen i Finland (JFT) 2011.

A chapter “Ad hoc Arbitration v. Institutional Arbitration” in the book “International Commercial Arbitration – Different Forms and their Features”, editor Giuditta Cordero-Moss, Cambridge University Press, United Kingdom 2013.

A chapter “Uneven Representation and Imbalanced Resources Between Parties to an International Arbitration or in Relation to the Arbitral Tribunal: Restoring Reasonable Balance and Symmetry in the Hearing Room (or Not)” in the book “Stories from the Hearing Room: Experience from Arbitral Practice”, essays in Honour of Michael E. Schneider, Wolters Kluwer (editors Bernd Ehle & Domitille Baizeau), Netherlands 2015.

A chapter “Consequences and Effects of Allegations or of a Positive Finding of Corruption” in the book “Addressing Issues of Corruption In Commercial and Investment Arbitration, Dossier XIII of the ICC Institute of World Business Law (editors Domitille Baizeau, Richard H. Kreindler), France 2015.

A chapter “How is National Company Law and Corporate Governance Regulation accounted for when determining Consequences of Findings of Corruption in International Arbitration – When shall a Company that is Party to the Dispute be deemed to have given a Bribe“ in the book “Festschrift für Siegfried H. Elsing zum 65. Geburtstag”, Verlag Recht und Wirtschaft GmbH (editors Werner F. Ebke, Dirk Olzen, Otto Sandrock), Germany 2015.

A chapter ”The Civil Law Effects of Corruption in International Commercial Arbitration to a Contract Governed by Scandinavian Law”, Scandinavian Studies in Law Volume 63 - Arbitration, Stockholm Institute for Scandinavian Law at Stockholm University, Law Faculty, Sweden 2017 (co-author Johanna Pasila).

A chapter: “QUO VADIS Ethics in International Arbitration – Managing Conflicts and Behaviour of Arbitrators and Counsel”, in the book “Keskuskauppakamarin liiketapalautakunta 80 vuotta” (“The 80 years of the Board of Business Practice of the Finland Chamber of Commerce” (editor Paula Paloranta), Finland 2017.

A chapter: ”Glimpses of a Fearless Advocate as Seen from the East – A Chronicle” (Published in Swedish: “Om att dra en lans – glimtar av en orädd debattör sedd österifrån – ett kåseri”) in the Liber Amicorum for Anne Ramberg (Secretary-General emerita to the Swedish Bar Association), Jure Förlag AB, Sweden 2019.

A chapter: “Commentary to Lord Hoffman’s Key Note Speech” in the book “The Future of Arbitration in Europe”, Jure Förlag AB, Sweden 2020.

Foreword to the book “International Arbitration in Sweden: A Practitioner's Guide, Second Edition” Wolters Kluwer (editors Annette Magnusson, Jakob Ragnwaldh, Martin Wallin), Netherlands 2021.

Articles in Finnish and international professional magazines and lectures in Finland and internationally on topics such as:Arbitration, mediation, takeovers (the role of the Board), case management, corporate governance, insider regulation, compliance programs, internal investigations, legal ethics and questions on corporate social responsibility.

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