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CI-MAC announces 2024 conference
and calls for speaker proposals


Join the next generation of dispute resolution. By leveraging the many advantages of the Cayman Islands—including its world-class infrastructure, supportive court system, accessibility and proximity, political stability, and its award-winning beaches, hotels, and restaurants—combined with a first-class, modern facility that utilizes cutting edge technology, full-service support, and expansive views of the Caribbean Sea, we aim to ensure a dispute resolution experience like no other.

The spirit of "Caymankind" embodies the welcoming nature, communal values, and friendly spirit of the Cayman Islands. It's a sense of warmth and contentment that comes from experiencing the way of life and inclusive atmosphere of the region. In essence, Caymankind captures the essence of what makes the Cayman Islands so unique and unforgettable.


At CI-MAC, our goal is to be a world class dispute resolution centre that also reflects these values and offers you an experience that can't be found anywhere else. We're here to raise raise the bar for dispute resolution. Experience the warmth of Caymankind for yourself and host your next arbitration, mediation, or meeting at our world-class facility. Consider using one of our model clauses in your contracts, subscribe to our newsletter, or join us at one of our upcoming events, and let us show you what sets us apart.


Located in the heart of George Town, our hearing rooms, breakout rooms, and mediation rooms are thoughtfully designed and can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Each room provides stunning views of the Caribbean Sea, creating a serene and calming atmosphere that is perfect for dispute resolution. 


We offer a range of services designed to facilitate hybrid or fully virtual hearings and meetings. With state of the art technology and through our collaboration with Arbitration Place, we provide round-the-clock support for modern, efficient, and user-friendly proceedings that are also cost-effective.


The Cayman Islands has a modern arbitral framework as a result of bringing into force the Arbitration Act (2012) and procedural rules regulating the Grand Court's practice and procedures in relation to arbitrations. 



Conveniently located just south of Miami, Grand Cayman's world class beaches, hotels, and modern infrastructure is all just a direct flight away from many major cities including London, New York City, Boston, Los Angeles, Miami, Atlanta, and Toronto. 


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2nd Floor, 90 N Church Street, George Town, Grand Cayman 




Image by Jono Hirst

A better place to resolve disputes.

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