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Mediation at CI-MAC

Our facility is an ideal location for those seeking a peaceful and private space to conduct mediations. Our spacious and comfortable rooms are perfect for hosting mediations of all sizes, and our stunning sea views provide a calming and serene atmosphere that can help facilitate productive discussions. Our facility offers the flexibility to separate parties into different breakout rooms or come together as a large group, allowing for effective communication and negotiation. Whether you are looking to resolve a personal or professional dispute, our private and well-appointed rooms provide the perfect environment for a successful mediation.

We can also provide the technology and support for virtual and hybrid mediations. For more information, click here.

About Mediation

Mediation is a process of conflict resolution in which a neutral third party, called a mediator, helps two or more parties in dispute to reach a mutually acceptable solution. The mediator does not impose a solution but rather facilitates communication between the parties, identifies the issues that need to be resolved, and helps the parties to explore possible solutions.

Mediation is often used as an alternative to litigation or other more adversarial methods of resolving disputes, as it can be quicker, less expensive, and less confrontational than going to court

Parties involved in a dispute can either agree to mediate voluntarily or be ordered by a court or other authority to attend mediation. If parties agree to mediate voluntarily, they can choose a mediator and a time and location that suits all parties.


Mediation can be useful for a wide range of disputes, including family disputes, workplace conflicts, contract disagreements, personal injury claims, and many more. It provides an opportunity for parties to work together with a neutral third-party mediator to find a mutually acceptable solution, rather than going through the often lengthy and expensive process of going to court. Mediation is a collaborative process that allows parties to communicate and negotiate effectively, and it can often result in a more satisfactory outcome for everyone involved.

Roster of Mediators

While parties are free to choose their mediator and there is no obligation to use a mediator listed on CI-MAC's roster, we do provide a list of mediators to assist parties in their research and selection process. Please check out our Roster page for more information. 

Learn More

Check out our Events page to find out more about the upcoming webinars and courses we have planned as well as our Resource Centre for news, articles, and webinar recordings.


Reach out to find out to find out more about how we can help, to schedule a tour, or submit a booking request. 

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