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Hybrid and Virtual Proceedings

Through a joint venture with Arbitration Place, a leader in virtual hearing room technology based out of Toronto, Canada, CI-MAC clients will have access to Arbitration Place's virtual platform for virtual or hybrid hearings, real time court reporting, transcription, translation and interpretation, document management system, and other technology advisory services. Arbitration Place co-founded the International Arbitration Centre Alliance (IACA), a global hybrid physical and virtual hearings platform, which was launched in 2020 by Arbitration Place, London's International Dispute Resolution Centre (IDRC), and Singapore arbitration venue Maxwell Chambers. IACA's goal is to make arbitral proceedings widely accessible worldwide and provide technical support and enhanced cyber security measures. For more information about Arbitration Place, click here or on their logo above. 

We are thrilled to be working with Arbitration Place and believe that this alliance will provide CI-MAC clients with the industry best virtual platform and full suite of technological services and support. 


As part of our development, we consulted Logitech and continued our collaboration with the Center for Courtroom and Legal Technology (CLCT) in the United States, a leader in courtroom technology and design worldwide and home to the world's most technologically advanced courtroom. 

Our hearing room is set up with the Logitech Rally Plus modular video conferencing system for large rooms. Logitech is a Swiss-American company known for designing and manufacturing cutting edge peripherals for video collaboration, music, and smart homes. 


"Logitech RightSight™ camera control automatically moves and adjusts the lens to comfortably frame meeting participants in rooms of all shapes and sizes. Even in meeting rooms with bright windows, Logitech RightLight technology with Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) prioritizes faces and human figures over objects and surfaces. The result is a balanced image that renders participants in flattering light with reduced glare and softer shadows, even in dim or backlit conditions. Pan and tilt speeds automatically adapt to the level of zoom. The result: faster camera movement when zoomed out for quick framing and slower camera movement when zoomed in for more control. Unlike tabletop speakerphones that decouple voices from video, Rally speakers are designed for placement at the front of the room. By aligning speakers with the display, a person’s voice and video both come from the same place — and never from behind you — so conversations feel more natural and lifelike. The Rally display hub powers up to two speakers, providing rich sound even in larger rooms. A patented suspension system virtually eliminates vibrations that travel through walls, stands, and tables. This improves echo cancellation. With a single cable connection, participants can reposition individual mic pods to make space on the table or to bring mute control within easy reach."

Each seat will have its own dedicated tablet for camera, video, microphones, documents and evidence display.

Our large board room will feature a Smart TV, a Barco Clickshare CX-30, a Biamp Parle VBC 2500 conference bar, and an Optiplex 7000 Micro-computer. This will provide microphone, camera, speakers, and audio processing through a single connection and allow devices to connect to the TV for evidence display or presentations.

We also have a number of other screens, displays, microphones, cameras, and lighting options so that you can tailor the set up to your needs. All of our products have been chosen with user-experience in mind with our criteria centering around quality and ease of use.

For more information about our in-person facility, please click here.

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