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Speaker Proposals  

CI-MAC invites you to submit a program proposal for the 2024 Conference. This two day conference on arbitration will be held in Grand Cayman with two substantive days of programming on the 29th and 30th of January 2024. The theme for the conference is Arbitration in the Americas and the Caribbean: Trends, Challenges, and Opportunities

The Planning Committee is seeks programming that is imaginative, relevant, and engaging. Although the theme is focused on arbitration in the Americas and the Caribbean, we also welcome proposals for other topics on other forms of dispute resolution as they relate to the Americas and the Caribbean, such as dispute boards or mediation, and programs that focus on issues outside the region, to the extent that they impact arbitration globally. To be considered, please submit your program proposals by 2 September 2023.  

Program proposals will be reviewed by the Planning Committee, who will make recommendations to the Conference Co-Chairs, who will make the final decisions. 

Program proposals must be submitted online for consideration. Please use the form below. We ask that proposals are submitted by 8 September 2023 and we expect to announce decisions regarding program proposals by 15 September 2023. There are four possible outcomes:

1. Acceptance (possibly subject to some limitations) 

2. Joint-acceptance (where the reviewing committee identifies other programs that are identical or closely related)

3. Waiting list (should space limitations force us to reject a program that we would otherwise accept)

4. Rejection (where possible, we will try to provide an explanation and constructive advice for the proposal)

For accepted programs the final program title, description, and moderator are due by 29 September 2023. Final speakers are due by 12 October 2023. Written materials will be due by 1 December 2023. 

Additional Guidelines

The title of your proposed program should be catchy and accurately describe the session and the program description should be 800 characters or less. There cannot be more than one person with a speaking role (speaker or moderator) from the same organization on the same panel.


The Program Chair

The Program Chair can be a speaker or moderator on the panel, but not both, and has the ultimate responsibility for planning and implementing a high-quality panel. The Program Chair must register for the conference, paying the relevant registration rate. 

The Moderator

The Moderator will introduce the speakers, keep the panel on time, and promote an active, engaging discussion. The Moderator must register for the conference, paying the relevant registration rate, and cannot appear on more than one panel during the Conference. 

The Speakers

The Speakers must register for the conference, paying the relevant registration rate, and cannot speak on more than one panel during the conference. Speakers will not be reimbursed for travel expenses or speaker fees, absent the most extraordinary circumstances. If you think you have a speaker that would fall under such an extraordinary category, please promptly contact us at


Panel diversity is important and the Planning Committee is committee to increasing the quality of programing by including not only diverse content but also in program panelist participation. If you have concerns about whether or how your program proposal can meet this diversity requirement, please contact us. 

Program Proposal Form

Program proposal submissions are due by 8 September 2023.

* Program submitted by: Identify the program chair or person responsible for the program proposal/panel.

Please do not invite speakers to your panel prior to being approved. If you do not have a proposed name but a suggested organization, please include that.

Thank you for submitting your proposal.

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